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A new revenue stream for travel agents, holiday companies and DMC's

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A new revenue stream for travel agents, holiday companies and DMC's

I was recently thinking – if you take a holiday abroad, your agent or holiday company will make sure you get to the hotel from the airport and they will get you back to the airport when you leave.

So, why don’t travel agents arrange for your transfers in the UK? Too often we hear of perceived complexity. “It’s too much effort” said one large holiday company. A large London travel agent said: “People prefer to make their own travel arrangements to reach the airport.”

Do they?

A small survey of holiday makers in family groups found the journey a prime stress point and potentially high cost.

Mary Loach from Dulwich said: ‘We booked our car into a long-term car park. The journey time was a worry to reach the terminal for check-in time. We had to move the luggage three times, supervise the kids and George (hubby) got lost twice.”

This stress is one that is all too common. But, there is a solution. The Keen Group has introduced a total transfer package, picking up you and your family from your front door, and taking you to the precise terminal door in good time for check-ins. The end result is that you can relax and prepare yourself for the adventure ahead!

This is of great benefit to travel agents too. Being able to offer a comprehensive package means a new revenue stream, better profits and greater overall value. 

For travel agents – please talk to us about the special terms for including the airport transfers in your total package.

By: thekeengroup
On: 23/04/2015
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