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Step up the corporate ladder

Gain hours each week for extra concentrated work

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Step up the corporate ladder - gain hours each week for extra concentrated work

It’s the next big executive threshold. How to be more productive, get more successes which get you up the corporate ladder faster.

But how? Work during evenings and weekends hits time with loved ones. You can miss the kids growing up and regret it.

One big answer is the journey to work, and home again, how much time do you spend a day, and a week, and honestly – what do you do in that time? The Institute of Directors research shows the average commute in London is 55 minutes in each direction.

That can be a frustrating experience – late trains, no seats, difficult interchanges, and engineering works are all a recipe for severe stress.

There’s an alternative. Use the commute time for concentrated, uninterrupted work. On the back seat of a minicab. Front door to office door, and then the return. Phone calls, emails, type those minutes or reports.

Complete focus. Return journey – in time to see the family without the stress and exhaustion.

Costs too much? But, what if we can find someone in your area to share the cost with you, and reduce expenditure to below the normal fares? Talk to me about how this can help you.

By: thekeengroup
On: 23/04/2015
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