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The Keen Group (TKG) is proud to announce that we have begun working with a number of local authorities since September 2015; more than doubling the work previously carried out for the seven local authorities that we had previously catered for.

The Company’s SNT Department is founded upon 20 years worth of experience of handling transport solutions for a number of clients with a host of needs, be they physical, behavioural or emotional, across London.

In meeting the needs of local authority, account-based or cash-based clients, the company have heavily invested into a highly experienced dedicated team, a number of brand new wheelchair accessible minibuses as well as a state of the art in-house training facility.

We believe that investments into all tiers of our service goes a long way towards making a safe, sustainable, accessible service that staff are proud to deliver and clients are in turn happy to receive… Customer satisfaction is paramount!

What We Do

We specialise in delivering the following:

  • home to school transport services working in partnership with local authorities;
  • accessible transport services to corporate account clients;
  • accessible transport services to cash clients; and
  • specialist services for clients with niche requirements..

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Our Company mantra is ‘Every Journey Matters’ and as such at the forefront of our focus is ensuring that client needs are fully understood and delivered on a journey to journey basis.

Behind The Scenes… Evidencing The Operational Cogs

The Company undergoes a range of audits undertaken by various organisations including councils and licensing authorities with a view to analysing the Company’s operational protocols and informing policies, procedures and practices thereafter.

To date we have achieved well over 90% satisfaction across closed tender exercises between 2014 and 2015. Our objective is continual improvement of service delivery throughout 2016 into the foreseeable future.

Training and Monitoring

All drivers and passenger assistants, alongside office staff, undergo comprehensive training across various courses which have been hand-selected to satisfy all bespoke requirements for our customer base as a whole.

Our office staff are in place, supported by a bespoke operating systems tailored to oversee service delivery and to meet the requirements of our clientele and working partners.

We have a number of robust monitoring systems and procedures ranging from face-to-face spot checks to a multi-tier GPS system with the capability of optimising routes and in turn minimising our clients’ carbon footprint.

Client feedback is highly valued and is pivotal to our continued development programme.

Staffing and Recruitment

The Company are continually looking to identify people looking for work in the following positions:

  • PCO (PHV) licensed drivers working in Company-provided minibuses;
  • PCO (PHV) licensed owner drivers; and
  • Passenger assistants.

Experience is preferable but not essential as training will be provided. All roles require a valid enhanced DBS check.

The Company complies with all current legislation in respect of safeguarding, safer recruitment, equal opportunities and data protection.



Are you an interested in booking accessible transport?

Do you work within a local authority or within the education sector and are looking for transport solutions?

Are you an interested driver or passenger assistant looking for work with TKG?

Whatever the need, contact us by phone on 0208 875 4972 and we’d be more than willing to look into helping you find resolutions!!



By: thekeengroup
On: 21/01/2016
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